Seed Starting

Nothing is more frustrating or disheartening than having prized seeds fail to germinate. And, competitvely grown giant pumpkin seeds, because of their size and thickness, are notorious for failure. This is not because the seed does not have the potential to germinate. Properly harvested, cured, and stored giant pumpkin seeds have germination percentages over 90%, but because temperature and time become critical factors in their performance, success and failure walks a fine line. I suggest that you read either World Class Giant Pumpkins II or III for good information on starting seeds and protecting the investment you made in your seeds.

What you should pay attention to:

  • Store your seeds properly
  • Start them indoors in sterilized seed starting media
  • Maintain temperature at 85 to 90 degrees
  • Keep media consistently moist (not soaked)
  • File the edges of seeds (if required)
  • Soak your seeds before planting (optional)
  • And, don't even think of starting until you're ready to protect new seedlings outside
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